If it’s got the badge and you’ve got the helmet, we’ve got a class for you!


It's an opportunity to get plenty of track time

As we are celebrating all things Porsche, essentially, if it has a Porsche badge, and you want to run it, we will find a place for it!

The on-track activities will be serious and will cater for all levels of experience but the underlying element that is the DNA of this event is relaxed fun!


For Racing Competitors: All Racing Categories will get, as a minimum, 2 x practice sessions, 1 x qualifying session and 3 races.

There will be a Charity feature race on the Sunday, with all race vehicles eligible to enter. The Grid will be capped, however all entries will need to 'bid' for their grid spot by way of a Charity donation.

A penalty matrix will be released which will allow everyone – other drivers and spectators alike – to apply a penalty to any vehicle on the grid by way of a donation to Charity.

For Regularity Competitors: Regularity competitors will receive 2 x practice and 4 x Regularity sessions.

The Regularity event will be run as an Inter-Club Challenge whereby all participants earn points towards their 'State of Origin', with a perpetual Inter-Club Challenge trophy being awarded to the State Porsche Club with the highest number of points.